I began photographing young Muslim women in their veils 2004, after several national and international debates on this symbolically charged piece of cloth. I traveled around Sweden and stopped girls on the streets asking if i could take their portrait and make an interview. The girls would lead me to their friends and relatives. I visited mosques and Muslim conferences for young people. Through portraits and quotes, this work gives a voice to a group of women that often are discussed, but seldom heard. 


The photographs show young Swedish women expressing themselves with their clothes. The viewer gets to meet women in young trendy outfits combined with chic veils in pink, baggy style matched with white sporty veils, or traditional black niqabs. There are girls from different backgrounds, and with different opinions about how a veil should look and why it should be used. Veils became a sold out book and a touring exhibition in 2006 that ten years later hasn't lost its actuality.