“Elin Berge’s photography is genuine. It originates in honesty. She has continuously worked in the same territories of ideas and remains firmly rooted in them.  She possesses the delicacy to be open for what she encounters. Her work is not judgmental, only curious. Just as within philosophy, she’s able to ask questions rather than pushing a thesis. That is her artistic strength.”

– Susanne Fessé, curator and art historian

Artist statement

My personal work is rooted in the storytelling tradition of my home, the province of Västerbotten in northern Sweden, where creators within photography, film, writing and music have a rich history of discovering the grand in the ordinary.

In the era of globalization, I'm interested in how unexpected human meetings are creating and reshaping cultural identities and how people’s environments and understanding of the world change as a result. 

I'm an explorer who strongly believe other people have something to teach me. I'm aware of the power of the gaze and I want to use this awareness to make change with my images. I believe the way we look upon each other is more important than ever and that an authentic meeting with "the Other" only can happen if you’re willing to question your own truths.

For me, the camera is a tool to reflect upon different human phenomenon in our reality to uncover what unites us – rather than what divides us. I offer my open, curious and subjective view on a certain topic with an ambition to bring nuance and a shift of perspectives.

Elin Berge

Un/Dressing as a Strategy to Gain Freedom in Public Spaces | Elin Berge | TEDxUmeå