The river has always been a part of human mythology, as a symbol of the flow of time and our earthly journey. With the poetic “Currents” photographer Elin Berge embraces the concept of motion, as she travels along one of the last wild rivers in Sweden, depicting traces of flow. What is left behind when people flow away? What is created when people are flowing in?

The powerful Vindel River in northern Sweden floods from the mountains close to the Norwegian border and across the mythical inland of Västerbotten to discharge in the Baltic Sea. The inland of Västerbotten has for a long time been severely affected by urbanization and depopulation. But lately new blood is coming in through the flow of migration and the new green wave.

 As a representation of something eternal, the untouched river stands as a contrast to the changing environment it passes. Like the currents that push its waters forward in the river, the flows of humanity will transform the ground forever.